Emil’s Lake

The search built on and the craze was set
She’d been swayed by dawn and amazed by sunset
The spring soon loaded but the trap soon clashed
The light has beamed but her dreams have splashed

Feelings bludgeoned by thrilling waves
At times afloat in poisoned slack tides
Or drawn to rocks shaped like graves
And colorful rainbows in calico skies

Swearing pitiful, frosty swirling whirl
Sea of fools and woeful creatures
Once a damsel of righteous features
Now a lost, yearning fearful girl

Three feet of water, seven feet of foam
Fleeting honor, the rescue bird has flown
This imminent drowning has one escape
A gentleman in white has drawn her fate

He walked and followed the yellow brick road
And traced a destiny of no ambiguity
Will this man of mellow dignity
Tenderly treat her tricky load?

Derailed thoughts dragged through blocks to no avail
Balloons of dreams strung to seams on bloody nails
When the wind and the ground yielded a blissful weep
The merciless lake deafened the beast to sleep

So do not forget this lesson learned
Buried wishes should not be yearned
For mad waves will make you blind
And wake the turmoil in your mind

Forcing soul and trends to make amends
For the sake of sailing stranded
Unconscious lake in the consciousness fence
Sail through whence you once landed


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