Time-freezing stimulus
Amidst the heat waves
Caravaggio’s technique wouldn’t reproduce
such amateurish subtlety

Care to smile to me?
Care to bear a pleasant conversation
to the tune of Dixie New Orleans’ Jazz brushing your soft long hair?

Two green lamps by the old bookshelf
Scape the nod of your head
Exiting as playful piano plucks
Two suns disguised as orange earrings
Harmonies of seduction
Harnessed senses

Light my cigarette
Your cigarette holder,
Your blue eyes play
Boogie Woogie in my head
Blues in my heart
Jazz in my jizz

as Primavera
Competing the sight
Waking the inner Botticelli
You are the painter
And the picture

Burst me
With your laughter
Scrub me
With your dance of the sight

Saxophones, Piano!
Trumpets and Clarinets!
Conduct the orchestra!
But silence the violin
In your back
And strum goosebumps on my spine
Later this evening

Take a closer walk with me
Among Armstrong’s rough soothing voice
brushing the foreground
Uncontrollable urge
Builds in the soul

Kiss me now!
Take your time
Make it
As the swing ups its tempo
Piano! Swing! Dance!
Squeeze my heartstrings

We will make the saints
dance with the devil
in a rodeo
To the jazz of a
bouncing duet
And your subtle hand
Callously waving the cigarette smoke
off the perfumed hair

Inhale my presence
Stroke the air with innocence
Seduce me
All over again

If you can


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